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IIMAK FAM108Q3RL, DC-300 Resin, 12 Rolls, 4.25 in x 3281 ft, Astro-Med QLS 4100, 2.81" Core, Intense Red Thermal Ribbon - GoZob.com

IIMAK FAM108Q3RL, DC-300 Resin, 6 Rolls, 4.25 in x 3281 ft, Astro-Med QLS 4100, 2.81" Core, Intense Red Thermal Ribbon


IIMAK, FAM108Q3RL, DC-300 Resin, 6 Rolls, Astro-Med QLS 4100, 2.81" Core, CSI, Intense Red Thermal Ribbon, 4.25 Inches Wide by 3281 Feet Long (108 mm X 1000 M). Usually ships in 3 to 5 days.

Product Highlights

  • Designed for Use on Vinyl Stocks
    • May also work on some polyesters and polypropylenes. Actual application testing recommended.
  • Superior Durability and Resistance to Chemicals
    • Increase customer satisfaction by maintaining long term image readability in harsh environments, even when subjected to scratching, smudging, and cleaning.
  • Wide Range of Colors Available
    • Bring more attention to an item by offering colors for variable information that coordinate with pre-printed or corporate colors. Choose a color that contrasts with the background film making information easier to see.
  • Superb Print Quality
    • Improve the image of item being identified, especially important when information printed is used for branding or in consumer goods. Logos, fine lines, and small fonts print exceptionally well.
  • Ideal for Outdoor Use
    • Reduce cost, no additional lamination is needed to protect and maintain information when exposed to the weather. Colors are UV stable for 3 – 5 years.
  • BS5609 Certified
    • Together with approved specified base materials DC300 ribbons are BS5609 compliant. This global standard requires resistance to marine immersion (salt water), weathering (UV exposure), temperature cycling and abrasion.

Typical Applications

  • Drum Labeling
  • Electronics
  • Outdoor
  • Full Color Prime Labels

Label Compatibility

  • PET
  • Vinyl


  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Outdoor Durability

Technical Specifications

  • Film Thickness (μ): 5.7
  • Total Thickness (μ): 7.0
  • Melt Point: 110°C/230°F
  • UV Resistance: 3 - 5 years
  • Print Speed: 4 IPS
  • Print Energy: High

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